About Galactanet
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About Galactanet

I've always loved making games. Video games, card games, board games, word games, you name it. I figured it was about time I put them up for others to see, and that's what Galactanet is all about.

I pay for this site's hosting, so there will be no advertisements or popups here, ever. Furthermore, there are no "pay" areas of the site at all. All the games here are free. What's more, all the video games are freeware and may be distributed freely and without any permission (though a link to Galactanet would be appreciated).

The video games on this site will just be simple zip file downloads, all of them made for Windows OS with DirectX 7 or higher. The non-video games will have their official rules posted, as well as a how-to guide on how to make the equipment required to play.

The name "Galactanet" comes from - you guessed it! - a game I made up. That game was called Exploration and was a tabletop role-playing game. Ironically, it's one of the few games I've invented that I have no intention to put on this site. I would have to have pages and pages of rules and tables to show how to play it, and most people wouldn't. No point, really.

If you want to send email to me, you can do that by mailing me at shanex@speakeasy.net

Other projects: I also do a comic called Casey and Andy which has nothing to do with gaming and everything to do with silliness.