Theft of Pride?

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Theft of Pride?

Postby denelian » Thu May 12, 2016 8:47 pm

it pains me to admit this, but i haven't read it. i downloaded it three or four computers ago, but the hard drive it was on is... non-functional.

i really do want to read it [i only put it off, originally, because i was having surgery after surgery. it's HARD to run a computer while on constant narcotics] and [i am ashamed to admit] forgot about it somewhere in between all the surgeries [as always, i blame the drugs.]

now that i have both the time and the brain power to read [and have remembered it!] i can't seem to GET to it. following the link from the comic strip leads one to a page that offers the download, but clicking on THAT gives a 404 that reads:
404 Error
Odds are this is because you clicked on an old-style Casey and Andy link. To visit Casey and Andy, go here: [link to main comic]

this specific 404 pops up a lot, so... i'm pretty sure the novel is still THERE, but i don't know how to access it.

help? PLEASE?

[as an aside, that i should have somehow mentioned right after i did; i went to see The Martian with my dad, because he's the one who hooked me on sci-fi when i was a kid. a battered copy of 'Have Spacesuit, Will Travel' when i was six or so. this is the man who took me to see 'Star Wars' [Episode IV] we swap books opening night. i was FOUR MONTHS OLD. i never had a chance to not be a geek. :D we both loved it, and were AMAZED at how well it translated. i'm pretty sure my dad was one of the idiots who sent you mail requesting "MORE NEKKID SATAN PICS PLZ" because he's classy like that :) and we talked of nothing else for, like, a solid WEEK. seriously -- i miss C&A but the trade off was *SO* worth it! thank you, thank you, for writing and sharing]
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