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GugMaker is the level editor for Gug. You can use it to make your own Gug levels, or just to cheat and look at a level that has got you beat.

If you do make a new Gug level, please send it to me! I'll play it through to make sure it can be solved, then post it, giving you all due credit.


GugMaker installs when you install Gug.


The menus allow you to select what you are placing on the map. Just select what you want to drop on the map, then click-drag a rectangle on the map to fill that rect with that item.

At this time, there is no "undo" command implemented, so that can get kind of annoying. I'm working on that, but for now, just save often.


A gate or platform can be linked to any one switch. Any number of gates or platforms can be linked to the same switch. To link a gate or platform to a switch, shift-click on the gate or platform, and you will begin dragging a line from it. Drop the other end of that line on the switch you want to control that gate or platform.